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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means getting your site ready so that it comes out to be on the first page of search engines like Google (but not limited to Google) when people search for services that your business provides.

At Red Finch we will help you to get on the first. How? Read on about SEO services we offer !!

  • → Organic SEO
  • → Inorganic SEO

Why bother about SEO??
→ Cause people look for info/services online

Organic SEO or natural SEO means to get higher ranking on search engines(like Google) results i.e. search engine result pages(SERPs) naturally by optimizing the content of your website. These results are achieved by keyword research and analysis, linkbuilding, choosing the right domain names and other similar techniques. It takes some time for results to show when you opt organic SEO.

Google offer quite a few valaueable and free tools for the analysis of your site, its content and for outlining your SEO startegies. Some of these tools are:

Google's webmaster tools
Google Analytics tools
Google Places

Inorganic SEO means we pay to search engines to be on top of their listings when poeple enter our targeted keywords into the search form. Examples of inorganic SEO are Google adwords and adsense tools or online marketing tools provided by Bing (Yahoo) and facebook market.

In this case results are shown as soon as your campaign goes live on google, bing or other search engine that you paid to create your online ad campaign.

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